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Delegation from Sweden to Iran
28 September 2011

The economic board from Scandinavian United Chamber of Commerce - Scandinavian Iranian Chamber of Commerce  and Scandinavian African chamber of commerce from Sweden entered to Iran with invitation Scandinavian Iranian chamber of commerce and discussed during visit of factories and negotiation with Iranian companies on freight heavy vehicles supply, foods and required construction materials of African countries. This board wants to supply a part of their requirements from Iranian factories.
Joint meeting held with   Chairman of Scandinavian  Iranian Of Commerce,   Economic Deputy of  Anzali Free Trade-Industrial  Zone Organization,  Manager of Scandinavian  Iranian Of Commerce & Manager of Scandinavian  African Of Commerce, at the Anzali Free Zone on 17/7/90 , and this  joint meeting  were review and discuss collaboration themes. At this joint meeting, Parties investigated cooperation methods between Anzali Free Zone & Africa and Scandinavian Zone countries. According to made agreements, Joint working groups will be formed for achieve considered topics. Also, Head Africa of Scandinavian Iranian Chamber Of Commerce is in Anzali Free Zone and many Swedish companies are registered in this zone with pursue this chamber.